Our Process - Grit to Art

Our Process

Our team will do what it takes to assist our clients
to make their visions come to life.
From the blank page to the mall floor we are there every step of the way.

We are kind of a paradox, we are a mixture of casual, serious, hard-working professionals ready to make your vision into ART.

Spark to Art

It all starts with a Spark, an idea if you will
It moves onto collaboration with the client that will lead us to a mood board.

Mood Boards - Our Process - Grit to Art

Dust to Art

We begin to design with renderings and drawings.
The design makes its way to our shop of metal, wood and solid surface artists.

The idea which started as a spark comes alive and is ready to install.

Mood Boards - Our Process - Dust to Art

GRIT to Art

We continue our process by installing that spark and art comes alive.

Mood Boards - Our Process - Grit to Art